And Now - Grafima 2018
This year's 40th International Fair of Graphic, Paper and Creative Industry - Grafima – the most important annual regional trade fair gathering of the professionals in these branches, will be held under Belgrade Fair domes   on September 26 to 29, 2018. Also the anniversary edition of this prestigious trade fair, economic and artistic event will reming in the best way both the exhibitors and visitors and any other participants of the full fourty years long history.  
Under the slogan More Colors, anything necessary in the mainstream of the global technological trends in the graphic industry, publishing and printed media, layout, advertising, music and film production in the manufacturing post-press and paper processing and many other sections of these economic and media branches will be exclusively presented to Serbian and regional markets. This is a wide range of the graphic industry machines, devices and equipment, a range of the necessary raw and production materials or final products for the graphic industry various sectors, but also the complex software, ICT or layout solutions in these fields. 
Manufacturers, importers, exporters and distributers of the machines, equipment and components, printing companies, design studios, the importers of the production materials, paper, used machines, etc. attend the Fair as exhibitors, presenters, service providers or in any other form. Thus, special attention is paid to the business section and rating of this fair event and the participants in various Fair programs are as a rule very satisfied by business deals made during the Grafima or on the occasion of it. 
This year's Grafima Host is Epson company, the global leader in the innovations and manufacturing of image showing devices within the compact, energy efficient and  precise technology, with a range of products – from printers and 3LCD projectors for the business and home use, up to the electronic and crystal oscillator devices (computers, printers, scanners, projectors, semi-conductors, displays, crystal oscillators, watches, plastic correction lenses, automation equipment in the factories, etc.). 
The traditionally excellent Grafima Side Event Program will be divided into three thematic units – printing technology, graphic layout and advertising materials – and it consists of trade lectures, new technology and achievement presentations, with the inevitable support of the Associations, Educational and Trade Organizations, Academic Institutions. 
The innovative Fair program Creative Solutions Street, promoting the conceptual solutions within the graphic layout, will be enriched upon request of the exhibitors and visitors by a new section – Used Machine Stock Exchange. These are the used machines with much lower prices, intended to small entrepreneurs just starting their private business. 
This year’s participants and visitors will certainly be pleased by the special Fair gift – the regional Vehicle Wrapping Competition under the title Adria/Balkan Wrap Star, as a rule attracting great media and general publics’ attention. Manufacturing of the self-sticking foils is just a section of the graphic industry, but this promotion method is widely accepted by both the users and manufacturers. The competition is organized under cooperation with  Print Magazine from Croatia. 
The best graphic products in various categories are awarded by the professional jury of Grafima and Belgrade Fair with the traditional symbolic awards – the Golden, Silver and Bronze Stamp and other ad hoc recognitions are not excluded, either. 
It should not be forgotten that the 26th International Fair of Information and Office Equipment Biro-Expo, a compatible multisector fair event oriented to the office business (from the office furniture, machines and accessories, to the stationery, business and decoration goods to the photo products, etc.), is held along with Grafima, at the same venue and the same time, on September 26 to 29, 2018, at Belgrade Fair Hall 4.  
Even 80 exhibitors attended the last year’s Grafima from nine countries  (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Germany, China and Bulgaria). The exhibiting and side event programs included 3,500 sq. m. indoor exhibiting space and 7,000 visitors, among them even 824 registered business visitors.  Grafima 2017 was characteristic also for the creative achievements of Serbian worldwide known graphic designers  Slobodan Jovanović, better known as Coba, Dejan Vukelić and Nemanja Jehlički.
All these are the reasons for the forthcoming Grafima to be estimated in advance as successful. 
The Graphic Industry, Design and Office Equipment Started
GRAFIMA and BIRO-EXPO, the first autumn fair events, were opened at Belgrade Fair and will last until Saturday, September 30. 
More than 70 exhibitors from about ten countries are this year’s participants in the 39th GRAFIMA – International Fair of Graphic, Paper and Creative Industry, as well as the 25th International Fair of It and Office Equipment BIRO-EXPO. 
The events are held under the slogan More Colors and the Hosts are the companies Biroeksim and Print Pro, General Distributers of copiers, printers and scanners of the brand  Nashuatec of  Ricoh International company.
The Fair was festively opened by Mr. Vincenzo Palomby, Sales Manager for Southeast Europe and Middle East of Ricoh company, who said his company, just like Belgrade Fair, also celebrated its 80th Anniversary of Establishing. At the moment, there are more than 1,300,000 employees and although Ricoh started another product range, in time it moved to the printing market and this is a good proof it does not vanish. During the past years and decades, Ricoh bought many companies within the graphic industry. Thus, it expanded its operations and accepted the market changes. In each region the Company relies on reliable partners and by these criteria, it selected in Serbia as its General Distributers the Biroeksim and Print Pro.
At the ceremony, Mr. Ratko Stanojlović, Biroeksim Owner – one of the two Hosts, featured its company and its 27 years long development way. From a small office service provider, a company was established having serious status in the business world, exhibiting a great range of the state-of-the-art machines. In its work, it applies ‘the golden business rule’ – do not accept a job at any price and for the relation to the clients, Mr.  Stanojlović said it was clearly a ‘two way street’ in which mutual satisfaction was important. In addition to trust, th mani business guidelines were continuous education and follow up of technological development in the sector they belonged to.
GRAFIMA features also this year machines, devices, equipment for the graphic industry, raw and production materials, but also final products for various sectors of the graphic industry. In addition to this, at the hall 4, it will present state-of-the-art software and IT solutions  in these branches. The plentiful side event program consists of three units: printing technology, graphic layout and advertising materials. 
BIRO-EXPO is the gathering center of businessmen, manufacturers, distributers and equipment users for diverse working and business areas. This event is also the regional stock exchange of demand and supply of this type of goods and services – from office furniture, office machines and accessories, through stationery and photo products to business and decoration goods. 
SISTRADE - Softvare Consulting, S.A. is a company for  information systems with know-how development of software and consulting services for different operations of graphic industry companies. Since its foundation, in 2001,  Sistrade has participated in research projects with the synergy of knowledge of the academic and business world. Sistrade maintains partnership relations with the clients, in order to let them achieve the best results and increase profit. Hence, it has got its Representative offices and businesses in many countries of Europe, Asia and America. 
At this year's Grafima, Sistrade will present the latest version of  MIS and ERP software package specialized in printing production in all graphic techniques and all types of products, including digital printing of all formats. 
Sistrade MIS/ERP software is web oriented, enabling access to information anywhere in the world. All operational characteristics of Sistrade software operate on the platforms PC, MAC, Tablet, Windows, iOS, Android. From  pre-calculation to product delivery the activities may be planned and followed-up through CRM modules, material management, production planning and follow-up, final calculation, invoicing, as well as any other operational processes. The software is multilingual (Serbian language), which facilitates companies’ product sales at international markets. During the software installation, the parameters proved in the practice are entered. Thus, each printing company keeps its specific characteristics. This is quite adaptable tool suitable for any schedule of a printing company or its section, supports different sections and any type of resources, machine, production line or manual work. All existing standards of safety, quality and environmental protection have been supported, as well. 
As an exclusive innovation, the software enables the user within the MIS/ERP system Sistrade SCADA (control, monitoring and data collection) to have virtual 3D insight through smartphone; it is possible to control how and what the machines and staff operate in real time. 
Sistrade has regularly attended Grafima Fair since 2014.
TEHNOGAMA is a company dealing in sales, maintenance, repairs and general repair of compressors and compressed air treatment equipment. 
Beside the maintenance of the compressors from its own import (Boge, Abac and Ceccato), Tehnogama carries out repairs of any other compressor brands present at Serbian market.  The sales portfolio includes Screw Air Compressors, Piston Air Compressors, spare Compressor Heads,  Compressed Air Filtration and Dryers, standard  and  high pressure equipment.  Then chillers, air dryers and the related mayterials, such as preparation groups, pressure regulators, hoses, fast joints, manometers, safety valves, etc.  
Tehnogama sales portfolio consists of:
- Screw and Piston Air Compressors of Boge Kompressoren (Germany), Screw and Piston Air 
  Compressors of Boge for demanding industrial systems 
- Piston and Screw Air Compressors of Abac (Italy), for less demanding customers 
- Screw Air Compressors of Abac (Italy),
- Industrial Chiller MTA (Italy), cooling capacity 1.4 to 1718 kW
- They are the Exclusive Agent of the Slovenian filtration manufacturer  Omega Air, having in its product range line filtration to satisfy demands of all industrial branches , from the instrumental to sterile clean air. Beside the filters, its offer includes Adsorption Air Dryers, Condensate Drainers, Condensate Oil Separators and other related equipment. 
- Tehnogama offer includes also filters for maintenance of all brand compressors  (Atlas Copco, Kaeser, Compair, Denver Gardner, Ceccato, Mark, Fini, Fiac, etc.)
As the leader within the compressor technique, Tehnogama will feature to its visitors at Grafima 2017 advanced technological solutions within the compressor technique for the graphic industry applications with the focus on achieving maximal energy efficiency and reliability of the equipment, as well as saving achievement in the compressed air production and treatment.   
With the highest technology, ALIM has been for more than 20 years one of the leaders in five cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the market of digital printing equipment, plates, transparencies and other products from our wide product range. 
ALIM is also the click program manufacturer and it has got also the authorized repair shop and support for all digital printing machines offered by it. The company's policy is quality and the basic rule satisfied customer. 
At Grafima 2017, the company features Brother GT-361 – production printer for textile direct printing. Brother water based inks (CMYK + 2 whites) provide high quality durable print with 1200 dpi resolution. 
COMES is one of the leading suppliers of Serbian graphic industry with all types of paper and other graphic materials.  Their sales product range consists of more than 300 types of the highest quality paper and cardboard, as well as wide range of inks, offset plates, graphic chemicals and other materials daily used in printing companies. The company sells about 20,000 tons of paper, cardboard and various other graphic materials annually and there are more than 1,000 their buyers in Serbia. 
Beside the head office in Belgrade, they also have got representing offices with warehouses in Novi Sad, Subotica, Niš, Kragujevac and Čačak. They have got the business/warehouse space of more than 6,500 sq. m. The company has got 10 trucks and other delivery vehicles, more than 35 employees and any necessary infrastructure for successful carrying out of these operations. 
At Grafima 2017, Comes will feature:
- Thermal CTP plates of the brand Heidelberg Saphira
- AMS UV - Air motion systems
- Iconos -  outdoor digital printing paper
- Tech Spectrum - Digital label printer and cutter
- Keqiang -  hard and soft  binding machines, auxiliary 
- Special sticking paper, as well as wine label paper 
- Voluminous coated paper for books and brochures
- Laminate GC cardboard for food direct contact 
- Voluminous GD/GT cardboard for all types of packaging
- Preprint C2 – uncoated paper with excellent characteristics, etc.  
GAMA STUDIO Ltd., home office of Gama Digital Center, celebrates 20th Anniversary of its existence at the graphic market this year, where they were famous for offset illuminated plates.    They are presenting now something not seen yet in Serbia. They are proud owner of the state-of-the-art digital printing machines XEIKON 6000 and XEROX 5000. 
With these machines superior quality is obtained with the short time production. The company has got great selection of various weight and special paper types.
Beside digital printing, they offer also UV partial lacquer coating services up to B1 format, as well as hot laminating up to B2 format. 
They print books, brochures, catalogues, flyers, magazines and business cards. 
Large format printing has been devoted to the machines of the leading manufacturers: DurstRho 700 for direct UV plate printing  (Forex, Plexyglas, structural polycarbonate, wood, foam…) in extremely high printing speed up to 100 sq. m. per hour; Durst Rho 351r for UV roll printing up to 3.5 m with the printing speed up to  100 sq. m. per hour; Zund G3XL320 one of the best CNC machines for any plate material cutting.  Highly precise and fast. 
Mutoh 1638X double head plotter for high resolution printing, roll width up to 1.6 m;  Epson SureColor plotter sa with the resolution 1440 dpi and the roll width up to 1.6 m; GCC Jaguar IV Cutter, 1.8 m wide with  optical print recognizing, etc.  
Beside basic offer of all types of printing (digital, large format digital, screen, offset etc. printing), GDC also manufactures all types of POSM, advertising shelves (metal, Plexyglas, cardboard, acrylic…), flashing neon signs and Forex, metal, Plexyglas ... structure manufacturing and its outdoor installation.
Grafika magazine, published by GDC, is the trade magazine intended for graphic staff and all those interested in the graphic industry. The magazine is distributed free of charge to all addresses of printing companies and all companies related to the printing. 
MINCOM Ltd. company from Novi Sad has been carrying out wholesale of sublimation equipment and products, sales of photo printers and production of photo books for many years.  It is recommended to its clients by the greatest product selection in the sublimation sector at Serbian market.
At Grafima Fair this year. The visitors will be able to see complete assortment of sublimation equipment – sublimation printers, larger format thermal presses, cup presses and production materials. The company will present the printing process by the sublimation printer, as well as product finishing by thermal presses. Their stand visitors will have the opportunity to follow the printing process on various sublimation products. They will present products from various materials, starting from ceramics, textile, glass, metal, MDF, up to wooden products. They are convinced in Mincom the flex and flock printing techniques will certainly attract many sublimation fans.
Mincom will offer technical innovations, as well. They will present new exclusive sublimation gel inks from their latest offer for the first time this year. In the exhibiting range, they will present the latest gel ink technology. Beside this innovation, they will also present the new sublimation Ricoh printer, also operating with the popular gel technology. 
LASTVA Ltd. from Čačak is a printing company and wholesaler of advertising, school and stationery product range. 
At Grafima 2017, they present diaries, agendas, planners, calendars, table maps, ball pens,  lighters, key holders, playing cards, and dominoes, wall clocks, New Year’s cards, drink gift boxes.
From their great assortment, they especially recommend and exclusively present during their this year’s attendance a new set of luxurious diaries. 
Exclusive importer and distributor of Colop and Reiner companies. 
The company is Official Dealer of the Noris Color and Heri Rigoni companies.
It carries out sales of complete production materials for stamp manufacturing, all types of standard and special inks and sales of stamp manufacturing technology. 
At Grafima 2017, visitors can find them at the stand No. 4003.
BIROEKSIM is the authorized distributer of the Host of 39th International Fair of Graphic, Paper and Creative Industry Grafima 2017 - the brand RICOH. Biroeksim is General RICOH Distributer in office section.
Biroeksim Ltd. was founded in 1990 and since 2000 it has been the General Distributer of RICOH brand Nashuatec, as well as the authorized repair shop for the territory of Serbia.  
The company has been very successfully carrying out imports and wholesale of RICOH machines, production materials and spare parts. 
Within the company, there is a well-developed repair shop, consisting of certified repair shop staff members with long experience, who improve their skills permanently, following development of the state-of-the-art models and technical achievements. The repair shop covers the territory of the whole Serbia. 
Biroeksim also represents the international contracts signed by big global companies in Serbia with RICOH company. In this respect, Biroeksim’s long term cooperation with the companies, such as Henkel, Leoni, Regus, US Steel, Starbev… should be highlighted. 
The company operates in a luxurious business facility in New Belgrade, where the repair shop and a large warehouse are situated, as well. The company’s main objectives are the increase of RICOH brand share at Serbian market and its promotion. The operation enhancement is achieved also by regular attendance of commercial and technical training organized by RICOH company all over the world.   
GEKO PLASTICS                                                       
GEKO PLASTICS Ltd. sells materials and equipment intended for advertising production, large format digital printing, graphic industry and interior furnishing. Special focus has been put on tarpaulin sales for the eaves production and trucks, production of playrooms for children, as well as sport equipment production for sport halls.  Beside the tarpaulin products, an important place is taken by the machines and tools for the tarpaulin welding, both hot air and high frequency welding.
Although a new company, established in 2014, Geko Plastics has taken an important position at the market in its branch in a short time.  
The company is the agent of some of the biggest European and global names in the production of materials sold by it: Plexyglas (Evonik), PVC plates (Simona), transparencies  (Ritrama), tarpaulin fabrics (Mehler i Vitex), machines and tools (Thor).
 More Colors Means More Life 
International Fair of Graphic, Paper and Creative Industry - Grafima, the most important annual regional fair get – together of the professionals in these branches, will be held on September 27 – 30, under Belgrade Fair domes. It will be the 39th edition, just before the Anniversary, of this outstanding fair, economic and art event. 
Under the slogan "More Colors", this exclusive review of the global technology achievements in the graphic industry,  within publishing and printed media, design, radio and television, in the graphic, advertising, music and film industry, in the paper production, post press and processing and many other sections of these global expansive economic branches just at the art edge, will feature to the Serbian and regional markets anything as the survival condition in the mainstream of global trends. These trends understand the widest possible range of graphic industry machines, devices and equipment, a plentiful range of raw and production materials or final products for various sectors of graphic industry and software and the inevitable standard section of the offer are also the most complex ICT solutions in these fields.  
The Fair product imperatives are certainly diverse technological innovations and solutions, not only those being an innovation for this space and this Fair, but also those created all over the world. Most of them are within digital printing, solvent and 3D printers, pad, screen and hot stamping printing, printing and textile processing machines, laser and CNC cutting plates and sublimation printing materials, graphic design monitors, POS and Automatic ID solutions for retail trade, ERP software, etc. 
This year's Grafima host is Biroeksim company, which until 1991 covered 75 percent of the repair market of copiers and printers of former Yugoslavia. At present, it is the General Distributer of copiers, printers and scanners of the brand Nashuatec, of RICOH International company, and its offer includes also all other products of this global company, from fax machines to wide format Ricoh devices.
Grafima faithful visitors are already aware this event is waiting for them also by plentiful side event program, consisting of trade lectures, new technologies and achievements presentations and, as a rule, the attendance and support of Associations,, educational and trade organizations, first of all Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, i.e. its Graphic Industry Group, academic institutions, etc. The specific characteristic of this year’s professional and side event will be three thematic units: Printing Technology, Graphic Design and Advertising Materials.
One of the Grafima traditions are also symbolic awards, The Golden, Silver and Bronze Stamp, granted to the best graphic products in various categories, i.e. product groups. Since last year, the new awards have been added to these ones: for the graphic design achievements, the 'Applied Creativity' and outstanding achievements in the printing technology use for the creative purpose.
An extraordinary privilege provided by Grafima to its visitors also this year is the simultaneous and compatible 25th International Fair of IT and Office Equipment BIROEXPO, with the offer that supplements the one of Grafima within its fair activities in the right way - anything necessary for high quality office operation (from office furniture and machines, accessories and stationery, to the business and decoration goods).  
Although Grafima is by its conception intended for primarily business visitors, the professionals, which may be seen from the scope of the concluded or announced jobs, or by the number of the exhibited machines sold already during the event, about 70 exhibitors from about ten countries are certainly the motive also for any other interested parties to get on the spot the reply to the question why Grafima is a unique measure of the conditions and trends in the whole branch. Who comes – will find out.      

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